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Peppa Pig Digital Thermometer

Quick and accurate temperature

readings for kids

“I don’t feel well and my tongue is covered in pink spots!” sobbed Peppa.  “Oh dear - you do feel very warm” said Mummy Pig anxiously.

Sniffles, aches, shivers - being ill is no fun at all for mummy’s brave little soldier. And it’s certainly no fun for mums either. From chills through to fever, our simple to use Peppa Pig digital Thermometer gives fast and accurate readings to ensure a quick, stress-free diagnosis and offers immediate piece of mind.


Printed with images of Peppa and George and supplied in a protective carry-case, you’ll always be prepared whether at home or away. 

24-Peppa-thermometer 2018 - Yellow.png
24-Peppa-thermometer 2019 - white.png
  • Washproof and shockproof

  • Final temperature beep

  • Flexible tip

  • Carry case

  • CE Certified


The Peppa Pig Digital thermometer is perfect for taking fast and easy temperature readings. Images of Peppa and George are recognised by kids and make takings readings more light hearted. 

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