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Returns Policy

We go to great lengths so you are happy with your purchase. We aim to bring you the highest quality products using the best designs from the very best factories.  We go that extra mile, even at extra cost to bring you the best product, we are passionate about this.

Some of our products are medical devices and our factories have to be regularly audited by third parties to allow them to carry CE or ISO certification. CE testing and certification is a legal requirement in order that certain medical products can be allowed to be sold within the EU. All our forehead and digital thermometers factories must be tested to regularly to ensure their accuracy.  Our plasters and also wipes and gauzes within the first aid kits also carry stringent testing to ensure a variety of safeguards.

If you have any concern please return the product to us at the address below:

Jellyworks Healthcare Ltd.,

5 StJohn’s Street

London, EC1M 4BH

Please also include your receipt and an explanation.  We’ll look straight into it and do the best we can to give you a satisfactory explanation.

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