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Our Story

I remember Mum use to cover my knees with big brown plasters back in the 70’s.  They would get dirty quickly and fray at the edges after Mum cut them with scissors. They were very unattractive and I would peel them off after 10 minutes, even if it meant bleeding to death!

Since them we’ve come a long way and tried to use our years of experience to inject a little magic into kids first aid. It’s an important area, plasters scare kids, thermometers scare kids, and when a child bumps his head on the side of a table their pain threshold is far less than that of an adults, which is why their roar is so loud!

Our products aim to soothe those bumps, comfort grazes and generate smiles. We want make it easy for mum and less stressful for the child. There’s not much worse than seeing your first blood, with that immense pain, then Mum sticking a ugly, chunky plaster on your knee and telling you everything will be OK, we dont want kids traumatised!

Jellyworks also aims to bring you the best quality products we can. We create the fun designs, we use the very best factories and we go that extra mile, even at extra cost to bring you a product that is functional and adored by kids. 

So we hope you throw out those chunky brown plasters, the scary looking digital thermometers that are waived around when a child is with fever and feels so ill, or the bag of frozen peas that’s supposed to comfort a 4 year old when they’ve bumped their heads, and replace them with our super fun and functional products that bring comfort to kids when they’re feeling sore, under the weather or need that extra little hug to get them back into action with a smile.

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