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Paw Patrol Mini First Aid Kit

Protect against dirt and germs, minimise infection

Paw Patrol first aid kits helps comfort kids and get heroes back into action fast.

Protect against dirt and germs with this hand mini first aid kit. Cleans and protects little bumps and scrapes

It's important to clean a wound before applying a plaster. Cleaning a wound minimises the risk of infection and encourages the healing process.  Applying a plaster without cleaning a wound will trap dirt and bacteria under the skin which could lead to infection. 

  • Washproof and hypoallergenic

  • Latex-free and breathable

  • 14 plasters in 3 sizes, 3 designs

  • 6 wound cleansing wipes

  • 2 dressing pads

  • Highest-quality PE material

Marshal, Chase
Paw patrol Logo
injured boy with plaster

The plasters are made from the highest quality PE material. (PE material is a safer option for kids than PVC.  The wound cleansing wipes are a saline solution, so nasties are used on broken skin.

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