Our new Bruise Soothers are great for reducing swelling, soothing bumps and headaches, and taking the sting out of insect bites and sun exposure. Used warm, our these kids gel packs also comfort aches and pains and help bring back smiles fast. Now with pearl beads that help retain tempertaure even longer.


Preparation and Usage

To use cool: Chill the pack in the fridge and check the pack is clean before use.
For grazes, clean the area with warm water. Apply pack to affected area.
For sunburn, headaches or insect bites, apply cool pack for several minutes.

To use warm: Place pack in warm water (not boiling) for several minutes.
Test the pack on back to ensure comfortable temperature and apply to affected area.

To clean: Wash gel pack in soapy water. Keep gel pack in box with instructions.


Safety Warning:
Safety warnings: Do not microwave or freeze as extremes as temperature can cause burns. Always use under adult supervision. For external use only. Do not puncture. Pearl beads are made from a safe material. In the event they are accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water. Consult your doctor if you have concerns about your child's health or is swelling and pain continues. Retain packaging for instructions.

Peppa Pig Pearl Bruise Soother



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