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Paw Patrol, Hello Kitty & Peppa Pig first aid and healthcare products comfort and care for kids. A cuddle from a favourite friend, Peppa Pig makes it better! Includes bruise soothers, kids plasters, forehead thermometers, digital thermometers, hand warmers,  Peppa Pig & George to the rescue, comfort kids bumps and bruises,
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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Forehead Thermometer

Quick and easy temperature readings
Peppa Pig Forehead Thermometer Peppa Pig I dont feel well and my tongue is covered
in pink spots! sobbed Peppa.
Oh dear - you do feel very warm said
Mummy Pig anxiously.

Sniffles, aches, shivers - being ill is no fun at all for mummys brave little soldier. And its certainly no fun for mums either. From chills through to fever, our simple to use Peppa Pig forehead Thermometer strip gives fast and accurate readings to ensure a quick, stress-free diagnosis and offers immediate piece of mind in under 20 seconds. Its the quick and easy way to take temperature readings in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Reusable and supplied in a protective carry-case, youll always be prepared whether at home or away.

Peppa Pig Forehead Thermometer Peppa Pig
Easy to use
Re-useable, includes storage case
Ideal for travel & holidays
Temperature in C and F
Peppa Pig Forehead Thermometer Peppa Pig Hold thermometer firmly at both ends against dry forehead for 20 seconds (approx). The 'value' that represents normal body temperature is 37C. However a childs body may vary from 36C to 37.5C. If the temperature goes above 39C or remains above normal for two days, seek medical advice.
For information on treating high temperature in kids click here;
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